FICABC publicidad para 2020

from September 09-12 , 2020

The International Film Festival of the Atlantic, Barranquilla, Colombia emerges under the conception of generating a meeting place between public, filmmakers, theoreticians and other professionals of the cinematographic arts. Its purpose is to be a showcase for the dissemination of contemporary proposals of quality that address the cinematographic language, from any genre.

An international showcase of true independent cinema. Features, shorts, animations and docs from all over the world

As in its first editions, the festival will keep the residents of the Department of the Atlantic, North of Colombia, as well as of neighboring places, pending of the billboards of the cinemas and places of projection of the festival.



Special edition 2020

Because we are just coming out of the quarantine caused by the Covid-19, in addition to the fact that public or private events involving crowds are not allowed; FICABC has decided that it is not appropriate to hold the festival in person, so our event will be online.

Due to the restrictions produced by the pandemic, we are evaluating the possibility of doing a live projection when this problem ends, especially when the limitations cease completely. We will be giving notice of this with the appropriate anticipation.


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