1st Atlantic International Film Festival, Barranquilla, Colombia


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         Winning Movies 2015
Best Feature Film: Mr. T – Charlotte During, Canada
Best Documentary Feature: Where the Ashes Fly – Ernesto González, Bolivia
Best Experimental Feature Film: Cruch! – Anton & Fito Requesens, France
Best Feature Film, Theme Childhood: Lost innocence – Eliazar Ghim, Singapore
Best Fiction Short Film: Pink house – Melissa Chang – USA
Best Documentary Short Film: The sun on the ocean – Abbas Salek, Algeria & Italy
Best Short Film Animation: YuYaYe – Pin Zhao, Hong Kong
Best Experimental Short Film: Daedalus in Crete – Giorgos Baltas, Greece
Best Short Film: Theme Childhood: Beasts of the Safe Zone – César Milito, Argentina