• Preliminary:
    • Accepted genres: Documentary, Animation, Fiction, Experimental, Theme: Childhood.

    Types of films: Feature films and short films.

    • Accepted formats: Digital
    • Length Feature films: minimum 40 minutes
    • Length of short films: maximum 39 minutes.
    • Spoken in their original language; Subtitled in Spanish or English.
    • Comply with the technical standards that ensure its reproduction and projection on the screen.

 Article 1

The International Cinematographic Festival of the Atlantic, will be held in the city of Barranquilla, Colombia, from September 11-14, 2019.


Article 2

The Festival is open to all those films, regardless of the genre (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental and childhood). There is no limit to the number of works per participant.


Article 3

It is presumed that the person or organization that inscribes the film has the rights to it.


Article 4

The closing of the entry for feature film and short film will be on September 01, 2019. You must register through our website by the Film Freeway or another platform.

The call closings are as follows:

Initial: before March 28.

Second: before April 20

Third: before May 16

Fourth: before June 12

Fifth: before July 08

Sixth: before August 04

Seventh: before September 01


Article 5

The admission fees are the following (according to the date of completion of the call):

Initial: before March 28. Feature films $ 10,5; Short films $ 8,5.

Second: before April 20. Feature films $ 11,5; Short films $ 9,5.

Third: before May 16. Feature films $ 12,5; Short films $ 10,5.

Fourth: before June 12. Feature films $ 13,5; Short films $ 11,5

Fifth: before July 08. Feature films $ 14,5; Short films $ 12,5

Sixth: before August 04. Feature films $ 15,5; Short films $ 13,5

Seventh: before September 01. Feature films $ 16,5; Short films $ 14,5


The Festival will not pay screening fees to any selected film.


Article 6

Once selected, no film can be removed from the program during the course of the competition. The decisions made by the organization shall be final.


Article 7

The production of the festival will designate 6 cinematographic personalities that will form the Jury of feature films and short films in competition.

Any person interested in the production or exploitation of a film in competition may not be part of the Jurors.


Article 8

Jurors will award prizes to competitive categories

Best Feature Film

Best Documentary Feature

Best Feature Animation

Best Experimental Feature Film

Best Feature Film Theme: Childhood

Best Fiction Short Film

Best Documentary Short Film

Best Short Film Animation

Best Experimental Short Film

Best Short Film Theme: Childhood

If deemed appropriate, the Juries may also grant Special Mentions. The decisions of the jurors will be final.


Article 9

The production of the films chosen for the Official Selection are committed to show the logo “Official Selection” of the International Film Festival of the Atlantic.


Article 10

The films must be sent, for the purposes of preselection, in formats accessible online and / or streaming (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)


Article 11

The results of the selection process will be notified to the participants as of September 04, 2019.

The laurel of the International Film Festival of the Atlantic will be granted to all the films in Official Selection.


Article 12

The production Atlantic International Film Festival may decide on all cases not provided for in these regulations.


Article 13

Participation in the Atlantic International Film Festival implies adherence to this regulation and compliance prior to the pre-selection conditions.